32ltr Vented Stack & Nest Crate IH317 -Yellow

Vendor: RSW


Racking & Shelving Warehouse offering storage container for all industry, from meat industry, shipping, handling and more.

Made from HDPE, NAL-IH317 Vented Stack & Nest Caret with a 32ltr capacity, food grade, solid wall construction designed for the meat industry. NAL-IH317 crates are made to suit industry applications in robust high usage requirements. Years of experience in this field enables Racking & Shelving Warehouse to provide the best quality meat crate plastic for storage products. You can use our food storage containers or food storage bins for multiple purposes. Similarly, you can store baked food like cakes, cookies, breads, croissants among other food items to keep them fresh.

Available as a single unit or buy in bulk to take advantage of our generous bulk buying discounts.

Racking & Shelving Warehouse distribute a wide range Vented Stack & Nest Crate in many different sizes and colors. Check out the many different grades of Vented Stack & Nest Crate available.

Racking & Shelving Warehouse Storage Containers NAL-IH317-YLW product specifications:

  • External Dimensions(L x W x H): 580 x 390 x 190mm
  • Stack and nest crate with vented base and solid wall construction designed for the meat industry.
  • Made from HDPE food grade plastic. Internal Dimensions: 505 x 305 x 165mm
  • Capacity: 32 Litres
  • Colour: yellow